Xotol Fractional Vacation-Living.
Sustainable development.

Our first home is the planet we live in, a home that we all have to pitch in and take care of together. This is why "Xotol Residencial Campestre" has decided to implement a shared ownership business model known as "Xotol Fractional Vacation Living."
This model optimizes the way you manage your residence, the building and maintenance costs, and the yearly property taxes of your luxury home investment in San Miguel de Allende.

Acquire your new destination residence with prices starting from $47,544 USD to $66,727 USD, and you will have 5 full weeks to enjoy it every year.

The benefits of buying a
Fractional Vacation Living home with Xotol:

Swap your weeks and get to know amazing homes and destinations around the world!

We have the best vacation concierge team.

The "house swapping model" is a very innovative feature in this new era of the "shared economy," which is why being part of the "Xotol Fractional Vacation Living" family has so many benefits; you will have at your disposal our holiday concierge team, who will inform you of great opportunities to travel around the world without having to pay for your vacation stays abroad.
With this exchange program, you can swap your spare weeks for trips to the destination of your choice.

There are 2 ways to manage your weeks yearly.

1. Scheduled weeks that are distributed throughout the year; a combination of weeks that most suit your plans.

2. Weeks without intervals (contiguous weeks), for co-owners who want to use their weeks without interruption.

This format is intended for our foreign friends who want to stay long-term to discover the magic of San Miguel de Allende.

Casa Salmiana
The perfect residence to share with your family and loved ones!

Casa Salmiana technical specs:


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