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Living life like
you´re on vacation!

San Miguel de Allende is recognized worldwide as one of the most charming towns in central Mexico,
renowned for its cultural events, gastronomical gems, exciting nightlife, and burgeoning art scene. Couple that with comfortable living amenities that make it one of the best cities in the world to invest in due to the consolidated
guarantees on capital gains and high returns.

The benefits of buying a Fractional
Vacation Living home with Xotol

Invest intelligently and securely in our sustainable development.

Our first home is the planet we live in, a home that we all have to pitch in and take care of together. This is why "Xotol Residencial Campestre" has decided to implement a shared ownership business model known as "Xotol Fractional Vacation Living." This model optimizes the way you manage your residence, the building and maintenance costs, and the yearly property taxes of your luxury home investment in San Miguel de Allende.

Acquire your new destination residence with prices starting from $47,544 USD to $66,727 USD, and you will have 5 full weeks to enjoy it every year.

Casa Salmiana

The perfect residence to share with your family and loved ones!

Xotol Fractional Vacation-Living. Sustainable development.

We are a conscientious company, and our aim is to optimize the co-ownership housing model. It is more sustainable to sell 10 houses to 10 families than to sell a single house to 10 families to share throughout the year.

We provide a garbage collection system that includes treatment and recycling. We have a food compost system used for educational purposes, teaching correct practices when dealing with organic waste. This waste is then used to feed our biodigesters, which turns your waste into the fuel for our fleet of emission-free vehicles, a service we provide to all the families staying
at our “Xotol Fractional Vacation-Living” homes.

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Xotol Fractional Vacation-Living.
Sustainable development.